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wpa's Journal

artist's workshop
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First and foremost this is a community based on interaction. It is a place for all artists (photographers, wordsmiths, musicians, etc) who feel that feedback, praise, criticism, and comments on work is an essential part of becoming a better artist and producing better art.

By posting in this community you accept the following standards:

-All members are welcome to observe the creative process. In order to post in this community, you will have to contact Adri or Sean (see below for email addresses) with your request. Once you are approved you will be able to post.

-Members recognize that this community is a group of interconnected members who are working towards a common goal of improving our craft.

-Members will be limited to two entries per week, that is, you may initiate a thread with your own work twice a week, but you may respond to others as much as you choose. If you are posting multiple drafts of the same work, please post them in a continued thread.

-All members will respond to others with CONSTRUCTIVE feedback as often or more than they post original work (i.e., nothing destructive and no "That's nice. I like it!"). Feedback is the heart of this community.

-Members recognize that all posts are open to criticism and will accept criticism gracefully and thankfully.

-This community will function like the editing process in a university poetry workshop, working towards publishable material; editing old work is as important as producing new work.

-Members retain ALL copyrights to their work.

-Members will post ONLY original work.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the community, feel free to contact either spiroxlii (Sean) or moderngnostic (Adri) who serve the community as co-moderators. We will do our best to give you tips, info on events in your area, and 'assignments' to help overcome writers’ block.

Thank you and welcome to the WPA
Adri & Sean

Adri, moderngnostic, adri@cmsanto.com
student (student teacher, English)

Sean, spiroxlii, spiro_ergo_sum@hotmail.com
student (LAN/WAN engineer, Network Security)

**Maintainers reserve the right to post more than twice per week, in order to account for memos announcements and ideas.**