Angel (ex_agraphia809) wrote in wpa,

Lingering Frustration

Partner Poem: Heather Dennis, Heidi Hesprich, Mary Catherine Starr
I just remembered! Contrary to what I have said before, I have written a poem in the past few years that didn't rhyme! Granted, it was for a lit assignment and a collaborative effort, but here it is!

1... 2... 3...the seconds slowly dying,
Inside (4) cold white walls papered
With aged corners yellow.
Forgotten words engraved in my mind
5... slyly stolen (6! 7!) from my grasp.

The jealous silence penetrates,
Tightly woven frustration, suffocating;
An alluring voice beckons,
Takes me by the hand, and pulls me to the door.
Cerberus’s eyes will never close.

The acrid taste of containment
In the rotting air
Consumes my soul.
And the seconds still are dying!
And the voice inside still crying!

The Bell might brriiing my freedom
From the silent cell of lies.
Lingering anticipation. 8... 9... Ten.

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