lithopedian (tweedle_dumb) wrote in wpa,

lost ideas found

I was searching through boxes of magazines and notebooks and came across some poetry I wrote last year. Here are two pieces.

1. "Winter calls on me"

Winter calls on me
Like a girl swaying through a field
Singing in a dream
Powder blanket
Sparkling in morning
Sunlight for a sunless world

2. "Some nights"

Some nights
You know you've been neglected
As awake as the moon
Angry as the stars
A room too hot to melt into dreams
Too still to pace a heart correctly.

Some nights
Some things go noticed-
Electric buzz
Lights and lungs
Incessant; familiar; shorter lived than their successor

Some nights
I wish my ears were double stitched-
inside and out-
I know my mind is not-
At least that would muffle;
Or muddle into subconscious momentum
The world that should be kept outside
-sometimes in-
And there are those nights-
Left empty as you exhale-
Where screams of mocking laughter ring
So you force attention to your decaffeinating heart.
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