Adri (moderngnostic) wrote in wpa,

I DARE YOU !!!!!

I dare you to write a poem of at least 9 lines. but the catch? its all one sentence. (with as much care to grammar as is possible). The title is part of your sentence. Or perhaps, Is the title part of your sentence? -CMS (moderator)

I may have posted this particular poem before but I post again as an example:

Maybe You Were Too Young to Remember

the snowy rainday mornings,
that were too cold for shorts,
but couldn’t keep us
from a beach without a lifeguard
or thought to proper swimming attire;

those lakewashed afternoons
when we built a treehouse
in stolen woods
with stolen time and carpet samples
have gone the way of your pigtails
and carelessness

like the windripped night we didn’t kiss,
but held on because
alone we’d have lost our grip,
and let the rocks catch us,
and the waves eat us.
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