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One sentence

For my creative writing class, my assignment was to write a 250 word sentence about where I am from. Here it is. I'd love some feedback on it.

Home in the Woods

The woods twitter and sing with birds, rustle with deer, twinkle with fish, breeze with bats, scutter with oppossums, and clatter with raccoons as I walk through the forest floor covered in dark green moss and ferns with little holes cut in the leaves from caterpillars in the place that I call home-an area where I have lived most of my life, a place where I find solace and comfort when I cannot find it any where else, where the creek runs gently through the ground, bringing fish, crabs, and lizards to the forefront, where children can play in the waterfalls and parents can soak up sun rays on the rocks or eat a lunch at the picnic table covered with written graffiti from the past year's senior classes from the nearby high school, but also where my family joins together for a Thanksgiving meal on a warm Thursday afternoon in November, where I learned how to swim, how to ride a bike through the luscious grass fields, and how to drive a John Deere 60 tractor from 1947 across the greens, while the nearby tall, blooming magnolia trees become giant playscapes filled with imaginary animals (especially monkeys) and children who truly believed we could live in a tree our entire lives and be perfectly happy without ever holding a job or paying house payments or raising kids or worrying about retirement, because we lived in a sweet-smelling tree that would keep us safe from all the grown up things in the world and would only allow us to play and live freely all day long, every day of our lives.
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