Adri (moderngnostic) wrote in wpa,

its carrie . . . holy shit.

I suppose Ill post some photography soon.

I began student teaching. Before that I was traveling through europe, and battling one family obligation after another. and the Blasterworm ate every bit of creative oputput from me in the past year.

That said, in an effort to resucitate the wpa, for the time being, please feel free to post as often as you like, (exceed twice per week if you find yourself able to laugh in the face of writers block**) however, in order to maintain the spirit of the community, we (sean and I) ask that you give meaningful feedback at least as often as you submit your own stuff.

Again I apologize for me unusual absence, but graduating and all this begining teaching (lit and creative writing, by the way), has zapped my energy.

and if you are so inclined, tell sean he fucking rocks.
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